Go8 Students

Go8 Students –

Group of Eight Students

The Group of Eight (Go8) is proud of its reputation for accepting quality students and delivering quality graduates; the leaders of tomorrow.

The Go8 educates a total of 358,000 students – 23% of Australia’s undergraduate students and 26% of all students.

This includes 85,000 onshore international students, with one in three of Australia’s international students choosing to study at a Go8 university.

Go8 universities educate more than 63% of Australia’s doctors and vets and 66% of Australia’s dentists; and provides over 50% Australia’s science graduates and more than 40% of engineering graduates.

Students at Go8 institutions are drawn from a range of backgrounds. Over one-third of students, at all levels of study, are the first in their family to attend University. One in five commencing undergraduates are from a low SES, regional or remote location.

Student success and retention rates are above the Australian average, ensuring that a higher percentage of students from all backgrounds will graduate from the Go8.

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